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All WNMSA medical weight loss programs include three meals and three snacks a day.

The initial 12 weeks of any WNMSA Program are calculated to reset your metabolism. Resetting your metabolism is individual based. It has many factors including your metabolic test results, your age, your sex, health evaluation, and lifestyle..there are no shortcuts….

WNMSA Programs include teaching you how to make flavorful and exciting recipes, The truth about GMA foods and how they affect you and your success. It is the goal of our program to give you correct information to make educated choices.
Weight loss is A billion-dollar industry, if you could read a book and be successful in your weight-loss journey you would have done that. It is a proven fact every trainer needs a trainer.

Weight loss is a common sense nutritionally based concept, the PCF balance is the perfect combination of proteins carbohydrates and fats to make your weight loss and lifetime success attainable. Your body needs all three food groups when you eliminate one you throw the balance off. Sandy’s WNMSA programs are the only programs approved to use the PCF balance.

Do not attempt your journey alone…. You need a positive, inspiring educated partner.



Metabolic testing….your weight loss program is designed exclusively for you depending on your test results..

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Sandy Heim is an accomplished businesswoman with over 25 years in the health, nutrition and weight loss industry.

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Weight loss is not a mystery although the emotions connected to weight-loss can seem to be just that. WNMSA it’s a proven method commanding results.