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Stop The Insanity!

Have you said to yourself: How did I get here again!!! With all of the pills, potions, books, and websites obesity is on the rise…how does this happen, it’s simple really, God did not create us all equally. One weight-loss program, what we call cookie-cutter programs, will not work for everyone. You must stop beating yourself up!!!! It’s not as complicated as the media would like you to believe!!!!!

AT WEIGHT NO MORE SA we can help you achieve your goal of looking younger, feeling younger, getting your energy back, sleeping better, and getting back into a comfortable size… Sandy has a Bachelors degree in nutrition and is certified in weight-loss therapy, product development, and metabolic syndrome.

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At WNMSA we test each patient for metabolic syndrome. Your program is personally developed depending on your test. This unique test was developed by Sandy and doctors she’s worked with from the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Hospital.

At WNMSA You receive a TOTAL BODY REFORM… To reform your body, reset your metabolism, reset your adrenal glands and help your body start functioning perfectly.

If you answer yes to two of these questions, you may be having difficulty with your metabolic system.

  1. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?
  2. Do you crave certain foods over and over?
  3. Have you noticed a roll of fat accumulating around your middle?
  4. Have you noticed your energy slacking?

These are only a few very important questions that will guide us to what’s happening with your body!!
Don’t wait, start performing your body today. Call (210) 394-5869 today for a free consult, which will include your metabolic test.