Each phase changes according to each patient. Strategic changes are made to guarantee continued weight loss as we incorporate many more choices to include eating out, enjoying holidays, vacations, and an active social life.

Sandy has discovered over her 25-year career when you eliminate a patient’s social activity because of food restrictions they fill a form of punishment and or Shame, these feelings are detrimental to weight loss success.

All of WNMSA. Programs are nutritionally-based, not fad based. Sandy believes you must have a strong foundation to build on.
WNMSA is located inside TPC Family Medical Clinic on TPC Parkway San Antonio TX 78259.

Sandy and her staff monitor you weekly, we can meet all your requirements within the clinic. We can help you reach your full potential and remove any mental blocks to pave the way on your road to successful weight loss. turn your life around, Invest in yourself !!

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9862 Lorene, suite 115, San Antonio, TX 78216

Weight loss is not a mystery although the emotions connected to weight-loss can seem to be just that. There is no cookie-cutter program that attacks individual issues. WNMSA it’s a proven method commanding results.learn not only how to lose the weight but how to keep it off for your lifetime.

Based on the PCF balance there is no other program that incorporates no nonsense methods with proven techniques. WNMSA Program is a proven technique with a proven track record.WNMSA has the results and the quality you’ve come to expect with no compromising on quality…

  • Phase 1 quick weight loss
  • Phase 2 continued weight loss 2 to 3 pounds a week
  • Phase 3 lifetime maintenance