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With the help of these first rate physicians, Sandy was able to develop the “metabolic test” in which the metabolic syndrome can be diagnosed. With this diagnosis, a complete nutritional program can then be developed exclusively for each individual.

Sandy is the owner and CEO of a very successful weight loss clinic and is an acclaimed speaker and inspirational coach in the field of health and nutrition. Sandy’s professional career span of over 2 ½ decades has helped her to understand that everybody’s weight loss program needs to be customized to fit the individual. She is a true believer that there is no such thing as a one size fits all weight loss plan. By using this philosophy, Sandy has inspired thousands of people across the United States to live a healthier lifestyle.

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Sandy Heim is an accomplished businesswoman with over 25 years in the health, nutrition and weight loss industry. Sandy has a bachelor’s degree in nutrition. She is also certified in nutritional and weight-loss education, product development and weight loss therapy.

Sandy has been a top executive in several weight-loss franchise companies. As the lead nutritionist for these companies Sandy developed various weight-loss programs, designed and published the company’s weight loss manuals, and provided the training and education for the franchisee’s corporate staff.

Sandy has been instrumental in the development of numerous health and wellness programs for a number of top rated companies. Throughout her amazing career, Sandy has had the unique opportunity to work alongside some of the industry’s greatest physicians at both the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins Hospital.